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Non-Residents and Non-Domiciles

We provide services for international tax matters, including the tax issues for non-domiciled (non-dom), dual-resident and expatriate (expat) taxpayers.

The UK’s tax regime is complex; however internationally mobile and non-dom taxpayers can qualify for special tax reliefs which may reduce their UK tax exposure significantly.

It is important that you take specialist advice in order to ensure you take full advantage of these opportunities. In nearly all cases, it is better to consider any planning opportunities relevant to your circumstances in advance, in particular before moving to the UK.
We assist you with a range of associated UK tax issues including:

  • Assessing an individual’s residence and domicile position and completion of non-dom tax returns with associated disclosures etc.
  • Advising on whether or not to claim the remittance basis in any given year
  • Tax advice and reporting for Tier 1 Investor Visa and Entrepreneurial migrants
  • All possible relief claims and Tax treaty for dual residence planning and reporting
  • Tax-efficient planning for non-residents

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